The new Little Missy

Folks!  The summer has been busy, and we are on the cusp of a change of season again!  School has even started in some of the neighborhoods!  The heat in Spokane has again been in the upper 80’s, 90’s and even triple digits.  By my definition and choice, this is too hot to ride out, and we have had smoke, some of the worst air quality in the nation at times, from Canadian fires to the North, Central Washington fires, and wildfires in Montana.  So I sit tight, but still need to satisfy my cravings for horse progress.  Having Elvis at the barn for training keeps the ball rolling forward.  I visit the barn in the mornings while it can still be called cooler, for sessions with Elvis.

Then along came Flicka!

Flicka is a three year old, that came into the barn early Summer for skill building and sale, or re-homing.  I took her on, and I’ve been having fun ever since!

I love my projects, Whiskey is hanging at home until the weather is cooler, and the juggle works.  Of course, I have great support from the training barn, with Angela Tanner, and her daughters Erika Lefors and Z, or else I would not be doing this!  Support is everything!

Flicka is having her first rides, and she is a nice in-between from the youngster Elvis, and older and more accomplished fourteen-year old Whiskey!

She came without any formal training, but had some reactionary responses instilled, which the Angela Tanner team had already made improvements on by the time she arrived on my radar.

She has progressed enough that I am starting to have some sessions with her, so enjoyable!

Groundwork has been started with bridlework techniques.  Here is a demonstration by Angela Tanner, Brandi Lyons Certified Trainer, of which this technique is a key element.

Hugs all around!



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