Day 2 of Clinic

Good morning, Friends!

Day 2 of the Brandi Lyons No Limits clinic came overcast and cold, with temperatures at freezing!  A great motivator to get moving!  Warming up with bridlework and mounting up!  The day before Whiskey gave me a great hip over at the mounting block, such a great focusing exercise and one to build precision with!

After warm up, Brandi requested a ride on Whiskey!  He was quite excited and gave it his high stepping best!  He wanted to shy at the noise of the speakers set up by the auditing benches.  Brandi worked him at the “long and low” as a warm-up exercise at the trot.  We revisited this on the last day.

Our focus for the day was groundwork with a lot of shoulder over, starting on the far arena wall and working towards the speakers and audit area, since this gave plenty of opportunity for spooking.

We also went to a separate area and worked on sacking him out to noisy plastic bags, and such, to help Whiskey settle and keep his focus.

The rest of the afternoon was focused in the saddle, starting again at the far arena wall and working towards the speakers and audit benches.  We used two cones and did figure eights with the shoulder over, increasing our precision with the feet.  Brandi calls this the barrel pattern.

For the last exercise of the day, we practiced the “lay down”.  This starts with the head down cue from the saddle, using a “milking the reins” techniques, a contact and release when the head lowers.

Angela Tanner had started Whiskey on this at the barn, so he picked up the finishing touches quickly!  After this is achieved, we are done, and Whiskey is put up for the evening relaxation and dinner!

It was a great day!





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