Nosey with Elvis

This is a stream of observations and actions from the last week!

img_2098Tonight, as I hung out with the horses, sitting on the edge of the feed bin with Elvis, he stuck his nose towards me and touched me!  He is developing some curiosity towards me and inviting me in!

img_2085He is doing great with the hands on when I go out to feed twice a day.  I give them all scratches and a little grooming, then it is Elvis’ turn, so he can get into the routine.  He is really doing well, standing for me while I stroke him all over, and thus far, down his front legs.

This morning he came over to say hello before going to his hay!

img_2101This evening, Elvis came over to check me out, seeing what I was doing with my rake, cleaning up!  I walked along with him, scratching and stroking, down his front legs, and allowing him to check out my extended hand, he was exploring!

He was happy to hang out with Smokey, since she returned this evening from being in clinic.

img_2097I started Ttouch with him, gave him his first basic circles!  Here is a link that will tell you about it!  I’ve been doing this for years on my horses, on myself also, from the beginning!

Tellington Touch was my first training and experience with groundwork, and things like my space-your space.  Practitioners held clinics where we learned the Touches, and they also gave Centered Riding lessons and helped with saddle fit.

img_2100Today I repeated the Ttouch circles, along his back, and on his shoulder, then blending it all together!

I give Smokey the basic circles and lick of the cow’s tongue.  I give Whiskey basic connected circles.

I love the progress!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  You can comment below!




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