Connecting With Elvis

img_2047Every day I interact with Elvis.  He is still rather odd man out, with Smokey tolerating him more than Whiskey.  He is self possessed and self sufficient.  He lines up to get  his treat pan with Smokey and Whiskey.  He follows me over to the hay flakes that I’m disbursing so everyone can find one for themselves.

img_2031He is showing curiosity with the wheelbarrow as I clean up.  He is having moments of connection with me, looking directly at me and approaching with curiosity.  He has allowed me to touch him momentarily on his face, under his chin, neck, and sides!

img_2058Today I was sitting with him as he ate breakfast, and he allowed my hand all over!  He has a good winter coat, soft as you might imagine baby hair to be!  I sat with him approximately fifteen minutes, scratching his withers, stroking his neck, shoulder, side, back, and down his left front leg.  I walked around him, touching his butt, and gave attention to his right side.

img_2053As I was sitting on the edge of the feed bin, he was very comfortable being really close, and even shifted his feet and body a little closer!  Elvis is not receiving any tactile interaction from either Smokey or Whiskey.  He is seeming to now know that he receives that from me.

img_2003This was a first today for hanging out with non-demanding time to include friendly time also!  It was exciting and gratifying!

Here is a link to a brief, about one minute, video, that shows how comfortable he has gotten.  I’m so pleased!





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