Week Ending With Smokey

img_1997Our last day of the week saw continued consistency and a variety of work and demonstrations.  The weather was beautiful to be in the outside arena!

Smokey is doing great with her warm-up of bridle work and hip over.  We had a demonstration of the sit down, and the lay down from the ground, as opposed to asking from the saddle.  During this time, Smokey ground tied, never moving a step!

The pattern I practiced today was the flower.  It’s challenging, I can become addled!  The goal is to become soft and fluid with your horse.  We have improved!  It was a real tug-of-war at first!  Poor Smokey!

img_2011Start in the middle, going counterclockwise around the cone.  Head toward a corner and go around that cone clockwise.  Come back in for a counter direction in the middle.  Go out to the next corner cone and to clockwise direction, and so on.  Then reverse direction!  Use inside leg, inside rein and alternate with outside rein and leg.  It really takes coordination!  It’s nice to have had some improvement from the previous week!

We also did some loose rein walking and gaited walking, practicing our power steering!

We finished up outside, with all the outside distractions of the busy corner intersection on the highway, with horses across the street and in the next pasture, and some spots of mud and puddles.  We did not do any speedwork.  We did bridle work through the mud and puddles.  Smokey was not too sure about that but did accept it.  I took her over to the mounting block, I asked for a hip over, she gave it, and I mounted right up, first time!  Lovely!  We rode on a loose rein!

I wish for you such an ending for your week!

We are off for a week and then resume for a last three days!


Here is the link for the hip over exercise.  The goal is to slap your leg once or twice to have them move the hip, making it easier for you mount up, whether from a block, log, or fence.  Take a look!







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