Breakthrough With Smokey

Good morning, Friends!

img_1996Smokey and I had a breakthrough on Wednesday!

We continued to show willingness and cooperation for her lessons on bridle work and hip over warm up.  Still showing improvement on the mounting block resting spot and mounting up.  We did the ten meter circle with shoulder out and light on the mouth.

We were shown the head down cue from the saddle.  Keeping Smokey on a small circle, and doing one side, the right side, I milked the rein giving her relief when she dropped her head.  The left rein I left alone, again, no pulling back on the right rein, no crossing over, leaving the left rein at the withers.

We did that for a bit, and when she was getting it, went to the ten meter circle, and on a loose rein, totally loose, asked for a gaited walk.  All I did was raise one rein to adjust if I needed, rather like power steering!

Smokey was head down, so soft, responsive and happy!  I could feel it thru the reins!  With this, I also ask to move out on a totally loose rein.  She is not really sure about that, so I squeeze her up a little.  I also ask her to stop on a loose rein, she again is not quite sure, if I need to repeat, then I ask her for a back, and she dips her head softly and gives it.

We are also getting sacked out to other horses working, which has never bothered us, one of the students throwing her rope, the tractor bringing in shavings, a former student dropped by and had her dog (on a leash), and another lady came to video!  Always something new going on, good for horse and rider!

What is a recent breakthrough for you?  I’d love to hear!


Here’s a link to that video on my loose rein riding exercise.  It is only about four minutes, take a look!



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