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Hay friends, good morning!

img_1888Along the way, I was given the opportunity to have a weanling!  Not just any weanling, but a dun, foundation bred quarter horse!  I could not resist the opportunity to have my dream horse!

I am sixty two years of age, many may think I would be too old and not know enough to have this guy in my life!  I’m grateful that I still have life and interest in my body and mind to pursue this project, and to have support in friends and a trainer that will step in as I need help!

img_1915The homework involved in bringing him from South Dakota is finished, and he is now at home.  He was kicked in the face in transit, and had a swelling below his eye that needed vet attention.  He was haltered when arrived, but I hauled him home without it because it was getting in the way of healing completely.  He’s looking good now, all that has cleared up in the last week.

img_1970He is settling in, getting used to the dynamics of his new pasture mates.  I’ve had him with Smokey, with Whiskey in the paddock, to integrate one at a time.  When I feed twice a day, I’ve been hanging out, getting him used to me and my activities.

He catches on quickly, following me with his dish of baby food pellets, eating out of it when I hold it, allowing a stroke on his nose and face.  He steps up real close to get his hay, I’ve been able to stroke his neck and butt.

img_1972I hang out as he feeds so he can get used to me being around, I rub and love on Smokey, so he can see that is a good thing!  I want him to forget the experience of his wound lancing and cleaning, overlay that memory with good memories of hanging out and getting positive attention!

img_1908I don’t pretend to know anything about bringing up baby!  I appreciate your tolerance, dear friends, of my ignorance!  Know that I consider this to be a wonderful learning experience and a lot of fun!  In the meantime, I have Smokey and Whiskey to ride while I bring this one along, so no pressure!

img_1910I will also love and welcome your comments and suggestions!

You can view his pedigree on his Facebook page, DD This Dudes Rad, along with some early baby pictures.  He is a bay dun, registered with the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (NFQHA) at 94%.

I wish you as much fun as I’m having!



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