An amazing session!

a little tail action
a little tail action and Chica taking an interest!

Whiskey and I continued on our progression of groundwork.  Today he caught me up, and we started with a repeat of the Parelli Friendly Game.  A little tail swishing, a little wait for the lick and chew.  Whiskey led over some ground poles to give some variety to our session.

the extension of my arm
the extension of my arm

We then progressed to the Parelli Porcupine Game.  Asking to move his feet, giving his front end, was only a little challenging because of his height!  I defaulted to using the Parelli Carrot Stick to help me out!

Interestingly, (or maybe not), moving his hind end was very light, he actually resisted until I lightened up!  And his disengagement was perfect!

OK, I get it. . . .
OK, I get it. . . .

I asked one time each side, waiting for the lick and chew afterwards.  It came after a few minutes, pretty standard for an introvert.  As Whiskey released with the lick and chew, his mouth and lips became more relaxed, even almost a tremble, like, such a release!  He looked like he was going to sleep, which is another sign of an introvert, as they process and start coming out of their shell.

The backing up was where it became even more interesting!  I asked him one time with the stick giving pressure on his brisket.  He gave a couple steps, and came forward one.  I asked again to reinforce, and he gave me, again, a couple more steps back.  I appropriately stroked with the stick before and after, and he is doing well with that desensitization.

I waited for the lick and chew, and waited. . . . . and waited. . . . . .and waited.  How interesting!  His mouth was relaxed, his eyelids became droopy, but still I waited. Like, ten minutes!  I finally gave him some Tellington Touch starting on his poll and down his neck, lightly, both sides, and also some Ttouch Raccoon touches on the face around his eyes.  Whiskey was accepting of all that.  Then finally it came. . . . . .and came. .. . . . .and came!  The licking and chewing, instead of just one or two, went on for 30 seconds, maybe a minute!  I’ve never encountered that!  I don’t know what it means, but I’m sure it’s a good thing!

What an amazing session!

head in my lap. . .
head in my lap. . .

We are taking this slow, and keeping it short, since it is becoming obvious I have an introvert in Whiskey.  Must be my favorite kind of personality!

What are some of your “how interesting” moments?

I’d love to hear!


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